So ok, here goes… My first blog post at Burrow & Me.

As a new kid on the blog (I bet that’s been used a hundred times before hasn’t it?!), I have to admit I have been looking at this blank canvas of a post for about a week now, struck with complete writer’s block. Where do I even start?!

Burrow & Me is about, well, me and my home. ‘My’ home is ‘our’ home and ‘our’ consists of me, Mr. Matt (human), Chip and Wally (Bunnies) therefore our home is our burrow. See…


Without harping on about the same blurb you can read in my about me page, I am completely obsessed with home interiors and have spent the last seven years renovating our first home…

Back in 2009 we finally got the keys to our very first house. Being first time buyers we struggled finding something within budget and couldn’t believe our luck when we stumbled upon our burrow to be (in fact it was so much bigger than anything else we had seen, we actually thought we had accidentally booked a viewing at a flat). Straight away we put in an offer and had it rejected, still caught up in our ‘lucky’ find we offered the asking price and obviously it was accepted. However, it wasn’t plain sailing and it turned out the vendor had upped the valuation! So, when the bank valued for our mortgage they valued it at £10k less. After much going back and to, the vendor finally dropped the price and all went through just before Christmas 2009.

This was the point we soon realised just how much ‘luck’ was actually in our find. In all our excitement (and maybe greed), it suddenly hit us just how much work needed to be done and what did we know about renovating a property… Nothing!  So coupled with our £10k saving, we set to work and set ourselves a deadline of moving in over Easter 2010. Hahahahahahah oh how naive we were!

A whole 18 months after purchase we moved in to our first home… well some of our home anyway! Throughout this blog i am to share the stories of our journey and share the wisdom and mistakes we made along the way.

Burrow & Me is also very much going to become my creative outlet as I am FINALLY running out of rooms to decorate. Argh.

On that note (and also because this has taken about five hours on a scabby old IPad) I will leave you with a wee taster of what’s to come…


Thanks for reading so far…


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