So if had my way, the burrow would be so completely patterned it would be like living inside a kaleidoscope. Would it break every design rule known to man? Yes. Would I care? No. I LOVE pattern. The more colour and pattern, the more the yummy feeling kicks in.

However, and I’m sure this is an all too familiar story, Mr. Matt is not a pattern fan (Yes, this means my relationship is probably destined to fail) and since we started decorating our home I have had to learn to… compromise. I do hate to compromise but if I was sure of one thing it was that Mr. Matt had to love our home as much as I did.

The burrow does have wallpaper but it’s very much controlled. You may have spotted some in my blog about our hallway before and after, however, Mr. Matt doesn’t deem trees a pattern therefore it doesn’t count. We also have wallpaper in the bathroom, the spare room, in my mini walk-in and in the back of my library wall (you can see some of these on the @burrowandme Instagram account or wait of the before and after posts).

So anyway, this blog has to be an outlet for my creative mind, otherwise I might just physically  pop one day (my insides would probably come out flocked!) so my plan is to collect all the wallpapers I crave and share them with you… if i can’t have them, maybe you can!

For my very first ‘Pick of the papers’ and as I am a massive animal fan (no surprises there), have decided to go with an animal theme. This one is for Chip & Wally…

1. Scion, Mr Fox. £29.60 per roll from John Lewis.

Personally, I am loving the Neutral colour palette on the right but every time I see this paper I can’t help but smile. I’m loving the large bold print and the fact its ‘Paste the wall’. You don’t need to have children in order to have a playful home. I really shouldn’t comment as to whether a wallpaper is value for money as my judgement is somewhat clouded by my obsession but I would say that under £30 for a wallpaper this fun and easy-to-hang is a total bargain.

2. Rasch Barbara Becker, Flamingo. £14.99 per roll from

Now ok, I agree this wallpaper is a bit of a bold move, but for £14.99 I think it’s an absolute steal! I first saw this wallpaper used in my favourite tea rooms, The Sugar Plum, Ruthin and instantly I loved it. Generally, I’m not a massive fan of faux things but for £15 this is so realistic and perfect for a playful kitchen, bathroom or of course a children’s room. Should I be lucky enough to have a downstairs WC this, without question, would be my paper pick (no matter what Mr. Matt said).

3. Sandberg, Lotte. £76.00 per roll from wallpaper direct.

Technically, I think this would be classed as an insect wallpaper and not an animal but I just had to share. At £76 it’s no budget wallpaper but it is ‘paste the wall’ so worth every penny (well that’s what I would tell Mr. Matt). I am loving the detail and the colour palette and it just has to be one of those ‘go big or go home’ papers that really should be used on every wall. It’s way to beautiful to be contained to a feature wall.

4. Gable BP 5405, Farrow & Ball. £97.00 per roll from Farrow & Ball directly.

So whilst we are on the subject of darker tones and higher end prices I am love, love, loving the new Gable range from Farrow & Ball, specifically the colour above. This is an absolute treat wallpaper and one I really, really want despite having nowhere to hang it. Hand printed and full of the finer details this wallpaper will make any room completely fabulous.

5. Garden Birds, Louise Body. £45 per roll from Louise Body directly.

Ending on a much tamer note in terms of price and pattern, I have admired Louise Body’s work for such a long time and yet still don’t have any of her wallpapers for my very own (we did almost have the Mixed Folk paper tiles in our dining room but had a last minute change of design). I love how delicate and serine Garden Birds is and crave the stone version above. Whether it’s used in a lounge or bedroom, coupled with the pastel colours picked out from the birds I think this wallpaper would add a simple quirky edge to any classic room design.

Well, you filthy animals thats my pick of the papers… for now. If any of you are lucky enough to have these your burrows please do share them with me!

Until we meet again,


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