*Warning, there is a slight chance this post is soppy and does contain puns*

So I figured before i go to deep down this blogging rabbit hole i should explain the bunny thing.

As children we pretty much always had Rabbits, they lived outside, alone, and in cages. During the Winter we maybe visited them once a day for feeding, and during the Summer they maybe got an hour of two in the garden a couple of times a week. This is the norm right, what every one seemed / seems to do? So that must mean it’s the correct way to keep bunnies? Well, now I know it’s really, really not!

I’ve always been a bunny fan, they are so cute and squishy, and when I finally left home and got my own place i was determined we would have a house rabbit. Why? Because i wanted to, there was no real thought behind it. i just wanted it. Of course Mr. Matt was not a fan. He had been bunny bitten as a child and was determined that nothing that dangerous would be entering his home! I was super respectful of this until one day Mr. Matt had to go Taiwan with work and I just so happened to hear of a house bunny needing a new home. You guessed it, the day Mr. Matt flew, Soya moved in…

So I am aware this is where i risk sounding like the Crazy Rabbit Lady but he was the most amazing, grumpy, quirky and most beautiful little weirdo I have ever known. We were both, yes BOTH smitten. To see the difference in a house bunny v’s a sad and lonely caged one was incredible. They just have so much personality, it broke (breaks) my heart to think of the lives my other bunnies had. The longer we had him, the more personality blossomed. Soya was a free range bunny, he had a cage but he only used it to eat and poop, he was never shut in. He was messy but completely toilet trained.


Having a house bunny was perfect for us. Both having pretty full on stressful jobs means coming home to a quiet haven of a home is absolute bliss and Soya was perfect for that. Rabbits (even house ones) are still pretty skitty so never being able to rush about, shout of argue with a bunny in your burrow just makes for a pretty calm and peaceful life. Bunnies pretty much sleep all day to meaning it’s ok to leave them be whilst you bring home the bacon. Soya was also a complete attention whore, which resulted in many, many hours of tickles. Tickle are like therapy, no matter how stressful the day goes, bunny tickles were a cure.

We lost Soy back In September 2015 and as silly as it might sound it broke us both. It’s no different to losing a family member, or a family dog. Our home was just a house, an empty (tidy) show home.


We did discuss getting a dog but with working such long hours and knowing how ace Soya had been we decided that bunnies were the way forward, only this time we would get TWO! Rabbits are such sociable little souls, and we had read that they should always be kept in two’s so they would never get lonely. Enter Chip and Wally…

Now, these guys are a completely different ball game. Man alive, they are pesky. We have had them from babies so we’ve had to toilet train them, bunny proof the burrow and they have become un-bonded (they have fallen out) but that’s another story. They really are just as ace. Each of them having a completely different personality and quirks plus they continue (in the most part) to add that quiet and calm spell across our home.

I have many a house rabbit hint, tip and piece of advise to share, if anybunny is interested that is, so other blog posts to follow. In the mean time you can follow our instabunny journey @soyarabbit.

So my fuzzy friends, as cheesy as this might be, I leave on this final thought…



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