It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… so I’ve decided to share a few of my favourite quick and easy homemade Christmas decorations with you…

Every year, as well as purchasing way too many yummy Christmas bits from stores, I always try to create some homemade pieces. This year has been different, I just can’t seem to find the time. So many ideas and so few hours to get creative.

Last year’s efforts… pom poms galore!

With working full-time long hours, two pesky bunnies, a new kitchen in progress, a house to clean, and way too many Christmas movies tickling my pickle, so far I have added ZERO homemade pieces to my Christmas collection… until today.

This post is about super quick and easy decs you can make yourself, in those half hours when the bunnies are sleeping, the oven cleaner is doing its thing or the half hour break between Thursday’s Emmerdale… no excuses… lets keep things simple!

Unfortunately none of these are my designs or ideas but I have no clue where they originally came from in order to give credit. 

Paper flower pom poms

So paper flower pom moms must be as old as time. I remember being on the queens float at a carnival back in the 90’s where the whole vehicle (it was a Coal truck I think) was covered in paper flowers made from coloured tissues (do they even exist any more?). They are so super easy to make and whats more, if you’re really on a budget, can be made for free from the tissue paper kindly given to you on every Birthday/  Christmas/ ‘saw this and thought of you’ gift you have ever received.

Step One – Cut yourself a load of tissue paper squares (the more the squares the more full your bloom will be).

Step Two – Turn them into a paper fan. If you don’t know how… WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? It’s basically just a case of folding the paper over by about 1.5cm, turning the pile over and doing the same again, repeat until the whole thing is concertina.

Step Three – Tie some twine, ribbon or wool around the centre. Remember to make sure there is enough to be able to tie your flower up. Then round of the edges so it’s all pretty and tidy.

Step Four – Pull all the layers apart so its all full and fluffy, tie it up and ta da… a paper flower you have!

I am aware this does look a bit sorry for it itself but it literally took 5 minutes. Imagine how beautiful they could be with more layers, metallic (not pre-used) tissue paper and with a bunch of them all grouped together?! I love the idea of using them to create an impact on the stairs…

Paper snow flakes

These have to be my favourite quick make. I first saw these about four years ago and proceeded to make loads of them to decorate the office at work. They are super quick and easy but almost impossible to store to don’t get attached.

Step One – Cut up some double-sided wrapping paper and fold down corner to corner to make a triangle.

Step Two – From the long folder edge cut three lines on each side but make sure they don’t quite meet in the middle as you need this to stay intact.

Step Three –  Open the square out and turn it over. Take the corners of the smallest square and join them together with double-sided tape or a stapler.

Step Four – Take the second from smallest square and repeat only time fold it the opposite way. Repeat until all the squares are folded back to reveal a pretty little icicle. These look really nice just as they are. Just string them up at the top and away you go. Alternatively you can follow step five to create a full snowflake…

Step Five – Create five more little icicles and join them together at the top and middle to create this bad boy of a snowflake. Pierce a little hole in the top to hang and once again, ta da… a snowflake it be!

Paper Chains

Now I’m pretty sure EVERYONE knows how to make these but they are so damn easy and affective how could I not feature them!

Step One – Cut up some strips of paper. I’ve used an old book (before this upsets anyone, the one is called ‘Man-eater’ and came free in a magazine, it’s really not my cup of tea)

Step Two – You guessed it. Join two ends together to make a loop, I used double-sided tape but again you can use a stapler. Then feed through the next strip to make a chain, again join the two ends together. Repeat until you have the length you require, hang and ta da… a paper chain you have made.

So there you have it. Three flipping quick, easy, cheap and effective homemade Christmas decorations  that you can make no matter how un-crafty or busy you are.

FYI, this is how our dining room looked after just an hour of decoration tinkering and this is how our kitchen now looks after a bit of multiple plate spinning on this fine Sunday of rest.

Like I said these really are the easiest of easy decorations to make. If you fancy taking on something a little more exciting then search ‘paper Christmas decorations’ into Pintrest  and enjoy the many amazing ideas that await you.

Now, go get crafty…



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