Fa la la la laa la la la la…

My soul is a Hygge soul. I love all things warm and fuzzy -hot chocolate, candles, blankets, jumpers and open fires… Mmmmm. So as you can imagine Christmas is my favourite time of year. Every year we fully dec out our burrow and this year is no different, all be it a little scaled back due to our current kitchen renovation status…


Rock and Christmas Roll…

Our old bunny, Soya was such a good bunny we could pretty much do what we liked without it being chewed (much), with Chip and Wally however things couldn’t be more different. Below is our decked out Burrow and my tips on bunny proofing your Christmas.

Our Christmas tree…


I see so many beautiful classic Christmas trees and every year I think about creating something with a colour or theme, but each year my love of colour sneaks in and boom… a multi-colour tree is born. Last year I made all these pom-poms and loved them so much I had to bring them back this year.

I would love to say I’ve mastered bunny proofing my tree but this year I’ve well and truly failed. My lights are plugged into an extension cabled thats taped to the windowsill, (glamorous hey?!) but I really didn’t appreciate just how much bigger and peskier the buns are this year. Not only are my violet lights nibbled and now not working (from Wally balancing on the edge of the basket in the corner) but he’s all torn (and eaten) strands from all the bottom row pom-poms! My advice here would be to buy a smaller tree and raise it off the floor and onto a table!

The rest for the living room (totally spoiling my ‘Living Room Before and After’ blog post that’s sat in my drafts folder), as you can see, I love a traditional yet colourful Christmas…


I have to admit, I am envious of those of you who can put presents under your trees, last year we put most of them into hampers but those that did rest on the floor happened to have corners nibbled off them…

Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 16.42.45.png

As such, unfortunately this year my gifts are having to await Christmas from the safety of bags… boo.

I love our Hallway, it’s pretty grand for such an ordinary house and looks especially amazing at Christmas…

My poor Hallway has been the biggest casualty in my stripped back Christmas. It’s a passage way to the kitchen and there for victim to building work dust, as such i have opted for minimal items to dust.

Before the bunnies, I had fairy lights all up my staircase and into my landing, but unfortunately plug placement meant trailing wires. This year I have opted for battery operated lights so I can keep wires and bunny nibble temptation to a minimum.

So on to our dining room, the last room to get festive this year (apart from some super yummy Christmas bedding that is)

Somehow I have contained myself really well in here, if it’s not white, lights or natural looking then it’s not been allowed in. I’m so in love with my Hygge dining room. As everything is off the floor it’s pretty bunny proof.

Due to afore mentioned kitchen renovations, we’re having Christmas at Mummy and Daddy Lambert’s this year and New Years Eve at my talented blogger of a sister and her Grumps home (www.livingwithaboy.co.uk) but I just wanted to share some snaps of my very first Christmas table from last year. It was my first Christmas ever away from the home where I grew up but I loved hosting my family in the Burrow and can not wait to do it again at Christmas 2017!

Hope you liked seeing our festive home. Merry Christmas every-bunny!



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