So, for the last few years I haven’t bothered with New Year’s resolutions. Partly laziness and partly because I had kicked their arse in the past… learn to drive, check, go to the dentist, check, get fitter and start a new class all alone, check, have break from NY resolutions, check. So 2017, New Year’s Resolutions are back on!

We’ve been renovating for 7 years now and are finally coming to the end of the battle. Therefore, for 2017 I am setting myself some New Year’s Home Resolutions. I figure if I share them with you then I will publicly shamed if I don’t achieve them!

Here goes…

Finish Renovating

Ok, so this one is a bit of a cheat as the last room in need of renovating in our Burrow is the kitchen which is already in full swing. The Installation is booked for Jan 31st but we have a long, long way to go.

We were about to put a big old extension on the kitchen but in the eleventh hour changed our plan, and the money that was going to be used on the dream kitchen is now in a savings account for the dream home.

Here’s a sneak preview…

Get organised

For all the annoyance and upheaval of a new kitchen it feels amazing to sort out years of un-used crap from the deep, dark depths of cupboards. I know you all know what I mean! That carrier bag full of carrier bags, the spices from the last time you made a Christmas cake (2011), The bread sticks from 2013’s hamper and that tiny unless jug from the iron that broke 18 months ago!

I basically lived out two of Michael McIntyres most funny sketches….

Sorry, got a bit distracted there…

So my plan is to continue this refreshing act and organise the rest of the Burrow, especially the spare room… dun dun duuuuun.. the room of doom.

I actually really like my spare room, it’s my only real girlie place in the house, However it’s slowly but shortly become the dumping ground, see…

My plan is to get sorted, get to a car boot and replace the scabby old double bed with a daybed. However, finding the right daybed is proving impossible. I basically want a wooden one with a hidden trundle like the one below on the left but that turns into a full double like the one on the right, and it’s IMPOSSIBLE! If any one can help please drop details in the comments below.

Finish what i’ve started

So one of the things I am really bad at is finishing a project, generally i get 98% of the way there and move on to the next project and I really bug myself.

I am making a promise that in 2017 I will finish the jobs i have started including… actually drawing the grandfather clock on the ready prepared canvas, painting the cupboards under the stairs with more than undercoat, adding to my gallery wall and actually painting the edge of the airing cupboard.

That’s right folks, you heard it here… I WILL finish these jobs in 2017!

Refresh the lounge

I really love my lounge. I love the colours and how it feels but it’s getting a bit tired looking. I do have a before and after post in my drafts so as well as refreshing my lounge I really should get the damn post live (I will make that a January resolution).

Here is how it looks now…

Screen Shot 2016-12-31 at 20.02.27.png

I’m thinking a lick of paint, a few (ok lots of) new accessories and new DVD storage should be all it really needs. I do actually want new sofa’s and to lay a carpet, but we shall see.

Mood Board and ideas post to follow!

Help with cleaning

So this one I’ve been thinking about for a long time. I love a clean house but I do not love cleaning. Matt and I work long hours and I really wish more of our evenings and weekend could be enjoyed instead of cleaning.

There are a couple of things that have been holding me back. One, letting a stranger into your home to get up close and personal with your upclose and personals. It takes trust but also I will feel a need to clean before they clean!?!?

The second reason is that of being judged. When i have discussed this with people in the past, people suggest laziness or to much money on my behalf. Well guess what, I am neither of these things.

So, when I consider my options – Clean more and feel happier about your home but not your life, clean less and feel happier about your life but not your home or get help and have both, the of course I’m going to choose the later. So in 2017 i’m treating myself to help with cleaning!

Mr. Matt, myself and our finally all renovated home deserve a clean home and more time for bunny snuggles!

So there we have it, five New Year’s home resolutions for Burrow & Me.

Wishing you all a very happy New Year filled with so much laughter, happiness, love and luck from us all (Me, Mr. Matt, Chip& Wally)


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