Well, I’ve been a little pants at blogging this fine February and it’s pretty much all down to our hell hole of a kitchen renovation! We’ve pretty much survived on eating out, take away, and frozen food, which in the most part has been grim.

However, February the first was my 32nd Birthday so we booked the day off (well, half a day as I had a lovely board meeting in the AM) and made our way in to Chester. Our mission… tile shopping.  We didnt make it any further than Fired Earth, there were just so many amazing choices it was easy and so much fun (I’ll update you more on this in some up coming new kitchen blogs).

Post tile shopping Mr. Matt treated me to some yummy grub at one of my favourite places to eat, The White Horse, Chester.

Here’s why I rate it so much…

Basically, without giving you my life story I suffer with aura migraines and some foods are triggers – Onion, Garlic, Cheese, Citrus Fruit. As you will know, these ingredients are in EVERYTHING. Now it’s fine when cooking for yourself, but the biggest pain the backside when eating out.

Usually, to save embarrassment I opt for the safe bet, Steak, Ham and Eggs, and such which can get oh-so-boring. However, a couple of years ago Mr. Matt and I decided to try The White Horse and a gnocchi dish tickled my pickle. With a nervous giggle I asked if it contained any Sam un-friendly ingredients. I was totally expecting the usual ‘I’ll check with the chef’, followed by a ‘yes it does, try again’ comment but oh no, the waitress simply asked what I couldn’t eat, noted them down and sure as s**t, fifteen minutes later a freshly prepared Sam-Friendly, super yummy feed appeared. I cannot begin to tell you how much this meant to me.

We must have been back about 6/7 times since and every time it’s the same amazing experience… HAPPY SASS.

Its more than a great feed…

The White Horse is based in Chester racecourse with an amazing outdoor area that opens up during summer months and during race days, and yummy open fires during the winter. The atmosphere is super laid back and very welcoming.

I am also totally in love with the interior decor…

Birthday grub…

So I had the ‘Cheese free, no death by onion’, stone baked chicken pizza with roast squash, corn on the cob, and mushrooms. Mr. Matt went for the sirloin steak with peppercorn sauce, and they did not disappoint.

I’m not really a foodie (its hard to be when eating the wrong thing turns your vision into a trippy kaleidoscope) but what I do love is when a restaurant takes really great simple ingredients and cooks them perfectly which is exactly what The White Horse chefs do.

I’m so not a starters kind of girl, if I could get away with skipping mains and going straight to puds, I would. After my massive pizza i had creme brûlée (or Cambridge burnt cream as they call it) with a super melt in your mouth shortbread. Mr. Matt had steamed cherry Bakewell sponge. Personally I think almond is horrid but Mr. Matt wolfed his down. The puds are small but seriously after such nice big portions for main meals they are just the perfect size!


So all in all, including Coca Cola, my vino and Mr. Matts odd request for a side of Cauliflower cheese the bill came to £49.90 which I think for a faultless feed, so close to Chester city centre, is amazing but as it was half price January (well almost, the offer ran out on the 2nd February), our bill only came to £28.40!!! Total win.

So there you have it, I honestly can’t recommend the place enough. If you fancy a relaxed meal somewhere you know the food is cooked fresh and just to your taste, then take a look at the Menu and book yourself a table!


P.s This was totally written off my own back, none of this sponsored post malarky. I just really wanted you to know that not all restaurants make your feel like a muppet because some foods have turned their back on you!

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