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Well, things have been a bit mental in the burrow as we have finally, FINALLY finished our kitchen. I can’t wait to share it with you, although I have my dining room before and afters to share!

Among the kitchen chaos I stumbled upon a perfume making masterclass at our nearest Botanist, Chester, and with it being mothers day we decided to give it a whirl.


So, myself and ma ickle sis, Faye, took Mamma bear out OUT, and on a school night!

Firstly, we grabbed a feed at the Slug and Lettuce. Now don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t a bad feed, not at all, the deserts were amazing and our waitress was so super lovely, but I had eyed up a salad and there was none… NO SALAD plus the Chicken was so just cooked it was hard to really relax and enjoy it. That said it was an ok feed and nice and quiet with it being a Sunday and all.

Then we made our way over to The Botanist. For those of you who haven’t been to one… You are missing out big time. I think they have 12 altogether and I just love their interiors. I can only speak for the Chester joint but the experience is amazing. Not only do the interiors completely blow you away but the cocktails and oh so scrummy and theres a massive selection of beers and lagers all from small micro breweries.

So the ‘perfume masterclass’…

The set up for the night consisted of being sat with strangers (now this wouldn’t usually be worth mention but wait till the end), and we were basically presented us with a range of ‘smelly sticks’, the idea was we would pick the ones we liked to create our own blend. It was actually quite interesting.

Firstly we worked out way through the base scents. Base smells are the ones that stay around, the ones we smell on our scarves weeks after wearing them. Mmmm.

Next was the middle scents. I want to call them notes, sod it, notes. Mid notes, they say, are the smells that hang around for a few hours (I want to say up to 9 hours?).

And then on to the top notes. So apparently these are the ones that ‘spritzer girl’ hits you in the face with in Debenhams, the ones that you first smell. I’m told we should never judge a perfume by it’s top note! Even perfumes have hidden depths!

So after lots, and lots, and lots of smelling paper sticks, coffee beans and my elbow (it appears that smelling coffee beans and your own elbow, the inside and not the outside, because THAT would be insane, neutralises your nose pallet. I reached the decision eau de Sam would consist of…

Green – which is based on Bananas (Ironically I don’t like Bananas), Gentle floral – which is erm… gentle floral (sweet and not granny) and Gourmand – Now i forget what this smell is but a quick Google says that Gourmand is ‘a person who enjoys eating and often eats too much’ which is my case is pretty apt 🙂


So there we have it… Eau De Sass. So named after Mr.Matts pet name for me… Sassafras (after a Sasquatch).

Now I know you all want to know the big questions… Do I like it? The answer is yes, I actually do-ish.

When you fill out the fancy form at the end you can specify the ratio of smells. Half of one smell, two of the other etc. I opted for the same amount of each. In hind sight I think I needed less of the ‘to much food’ smell.


So there we have it, a muppets experience of making perfume. It was pretty interesting and I have to admit I would love to have another go, spending the day at some fancy perfumery being able to tweet my scent sounds like super fun.

Oh and the sitting with strangers thing…

I had to smell them, I don’t know how it happened but yes ladies and gentlemen, apparently at perfume masterclasses its perfectly acceptable to sniff a strangers wrist and when you do so pass comment (only positive of course, we are British) on the stench they have created!

Smell you later,


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