Firstly, my apologies for being so super lazy with my blog, I’ve been shockingly busy and I don’t even know what I’ve been doing.

Anyway, on to the next room on my house tour… my dining room. For years and years this room was a dumping ground, hidden behind a door we dared not open. When we moved in all the boxes were ‘temporarily’ placed here only to be unpacked 5 full years later. The most frustrating part is that basically all 5 years of untouched boxes got skipped!

Should you really not care about the story and just want to see some pretty after photos click here and jump straight to the fun part!

So… as you might have seen in my Living Room, before and after post our living room and dining room had been knocked into one and, judging by the archway, this travesty happened in the 70’s! I won’t bore you with the same story, so long story short, we blocked up the archway and restored our downstairs into its original layout.

Bye bye arch…

Screen Shot 2017-01-14 at 14.07.26

One of the things always at the front of my mind throughout our whole renovation has been storage. I’m a hoarder and I just knew that wherever possible built in storage would be a wise move.

After many, many hours on Google, Pinterest and Instagram I decided a Library wall was the way forward, but they were just so damn expensive and I really wanted them all fitted. Now whether this was the right move or not I’m still unsure but we found ourselves a s**t-hot local joiner and embarked on a cost effective MDF built library wall. We put together a design, something in keeping with the age of the house but at the same time had that contemporary twist.

As I know I’ve said, I really wanted the bookcases to look fitted and work seamlessly with the room so we painted them the same colour as the walls. So they weren’t all about storage we added a little wallpaper into the back of some of the pods so I had some nice areas to dress.

Another thing we really wanted was a log burner, we have an open coal fire in the lounge but it’s just so messy and high maintenance. Choosing a log burner was the most difficult thing ever, trying to find something contemporary but didn’t break the bank wasn’t easy. Eventually we discovered the Charnwood C5.

My mind was set on having mismatched tiles behind it but there just wasn’t space… booooooo! That said, our stupid fitters accidentally fitted our slate hearth the wrong way around kindly leaving us with gaps either side… enter mismatched tiles to save the day.

Then on to colour, or two shades of Grey to be more specific. I had seen ‘Lead Colour’ by The Little Greene Paint Company and my mind was made up. We paired this with ‘French Grey’ and finished with a pop of ‘Yellow Pink’ behind the burner.

Now i’m sure no-one really cares about the nitty gritty so….

Ta da… the finished room!

  • Wallpaper: Kelda by Scion, Wallpaper Direct
  • Paint: Lead Colour (Dark Grey), French Grey (Light Grey), Yellow Pink (Yellow), Little Greene Paint Company
  • Table: Ebay
  • Arm Chair: Strandmon Wing Chair, Ikea
  • Dining Chairs: Eiffel Chairs, Eiffel chairs with arms, Ebay 
  • Log Burner: C5, Charnwood
  • Mirror: Cox & Cox (no longer available)
  • Wooden Beam: Amazon (SERIOUSLY, cheap as chips)
  • Lamp Shades: Ebay

Without doubt the highlight to my wee dining rooms existence has been my Little Green Paint Company Regram #superchuffed!

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 21.36.10

Right, before I sign off I just wanted to share with you my dining room’s first Christmas…. Yummmmmm!

I’ll try not to be a stranger but for now… thats all folks!


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