Those of you who follow us on Instagram will know that way back in January this year we did a complete renovation on our kitchen (ok it was more like December – February in total). Here, finally is my before and after blog post.

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This was our kitchen way back in 2009 when we first bought the place…

IMG_1374 (1)

IMG_1375 (1)

For some crazy reason all the appliances were in one end. The tiny end where, at some point somebody had knocked through to what would have once been a coal house/WC.

When we moved in, we pretty much gave it a lick of paint and put some wrapping paper behind the glass to protect the modesty of our canned goods. This my lovelies is how we lived for 5 long, minging years.

The first major thing we did was move our giant oil boiler to the corner of the room and shift our back door to the little end, almost creating a wee utility/boot room. I still to this day, have no idea why we did it two weeks before Christmas!

As soon as Christmas was over, with a broken heart, I took the tree down and set up camp and a make shift kitchen in the dining room.

IMG_0707 (1)

I’m not going to lie, this project was by far the hardest one to date. We had moved out for the bathroom renovation and boy do I wish we had done that this time. I hate dirt and dust, and it was EVERYWHERE.

I did actually write a little blog with my tips on surviving living in a renovation.

Nobody wants to see or hear about all the yucky bits but needless to say it was intense and messy. The celling came down, new electrics, plumbing, windows, you name it, we did it!

Our original plan was to extend and fit a bespoke painted kitchen, but after looking at asking prices of houses in our village it just didn’t make sense. With that in mind, we decided that compromise would be the name of the game. A kitchen that reflected the quality of the work we had put into the house so far but not something that would break the bank.

I really wanted a pattered splash back and had fallen for these tiles from Fired Earth. With compromise in mind we decided to only do behind the hob instead of the whole wall.

We added some cage lights to a branch in the void in the lean-to because… well why not!

So there we have it, our kitchen renovation in a nut shell. Forgive how basic this blog is but 1, who really cares, we just want to see the after photos and 2, I have a few more kitchen blogs planned to accompany this.

And now ladies and gents, I give you, the burrow’s kitchen…

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  • Paint: Pointing, Farrow & Ball
  • Kitchen units: Carisbrooke Taupe Framed, B&Q
  • Worktop: Solid Wood, B&Q
  • Flooring: Monito Smoked Oak, B&Q
  • Rocking Chair: Eiffel Chair, Ebay 
  • Tiles: Marrakech & Paris, Fired Earth
  • Blinds: Linen Bee Blind, Dunelm
  • Appliances: AO
  • Cage Lights: Amazon
  • Taps: Ikea
  • Sink, Door handles: B&Q

I hope you like it as much as we do… 

IMG_1374 (1)IMG_2288 (1)


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