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Well, I’ve just successfully procrastinated for two hours faffing around with introducing a Homepage to the blog. Whether or not it will stay remains to be seen. Let me know what you think. I’ve also just added a snazzy contact us page (all the gear and no idea springs to mind)

Anyway, I just wanted to put together a blog post on our larder. Like many, I had been lusting after a larder since way before we even owned our own home. They are so, so sexy, an obsessive person’s dream. Every time I would see one I would just imagine myself opening the doors and being hit with that super yummy feeling we get when something just really tickles our pickle. Problem was… they were just so damn expensive!!!

Screen Shot 2017-08-26 at 17.45.14Screen Shot 2017-08-26 at 17.45.30

When it came to designing the kitchen in our burrow it was never an option not to have one, I had to give up on the island when we decided not to extend. The larder was all that was left of my dream (ok this might be a slight over exaggeration). After many hours searching the web I hit on an idea… lets bodge one, lets make our own. As you can imagine Mr. Matt and our B&Q designer were not impressed with this idea, however, after a few sketches they both become believers.

So here dudes and dudettes, is our larder hack…

You will need (click to see the exact items we bought):

And here’s how you create it…

OK, so technically this bit needs to be done LAST but I wanted you to see the outside/ finished look first… butt the two 600mm fridge/ freezer units together, add the quadrant and side panels to create ‘the look’. There are four doors here but our fitter joined them together vertically to make two…

IMG_2325 (1)

The shelves are all movable but the unit will come with instructions to permanently attach one of the shelves, ignore this and use the worktop (screwed in from the side). This both creates the stability the larder needs but also gives you that much needed worktop space.

It just so happens that the wine racks are the perfect hight to fit under the worktop, they add a practical storage option plus again, stability.

Then take the shelf pack and trim about 100mm off the back of the shelves. This is so they sit back and you don’t go bumping your head every time you want to make a brew…

IMG_2335 (1)IMG_2328 (1)

As I wanted to use our larder to hide all our kitchen appliances, we also fitted plugs into the back of the unit. We used one of the shelves to attach these to so there was a safe and stable backdrop. You can just wall mount your sockets and cut holes out of the back board (we just didn’t have walls straight enough to do this). The wiring has been tidied up and pinned since I took these images.

We also added under cupboard lighting and purchased some fridge switches so the lights came one when the doors were opened….

IMG_2330 (1)IMG_2333 (1)IMG_2334 (1)

Oh, and the most boring shot ever but we purchased a bunch of these Ikea storage tubs to hide our recycling…

IMG_2329 (1)

So there we have it, a larder on a budget and using all the items you can get on the highstreet. OK, it’s not the dream larder but for the money spent, we are pretty damn happy.

Never be put off and think you can’t have the things that fancy people have, we just have to be a little more creative is all.


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