Happy New Year beautiful peeps!

Not only is this my first post this year, it’s my first post in a long time. I have been a lazy, lazy Sam! This basically leads me in to this blog post… Motivation!

I don’t really know why but 2017 has just exhausted me. So many evenings coming home from work and just hitting the sofa and it being a chore to move. Lazy evenings mean lazy cooking and lazy cooking means even more exhaustion and zero motivation. Things have got to change and I need to make more shit happen.

This time last year I wrote myself a little New Year’s Home Resolutions post so I guess the best way to start is to reflect on last year’s…

Finish Renovating – Check

So in 2017 we finally renovated the last room in our Burrow – The kitchen! After 8 long damn years we finally did it, the last room. No more dust!


Get organised – Check (ish)

2017 has actually been a relatively organised year. Like I planned in my last year’s post, I did sort the spare room, including a day bed. It would be all perfect except for the fact it’s now become the official Burrow & Me HQ and also houses our stock. I’ve also got organised with the kitchen cupboards, my wardrobes and my chest of draws. Yet to tackle the cupboard under the stairs but hey ho, one day.

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 16.43.32.png

Finish what I’ve started – Fail

I did not finish one of the jobs I listed. Oops, you can’t win them all right?

Refresh the lounge – Check

We did indeed refresh the lounge and love it. It’s so super chilled and calming. I will blog about the soon so I won’t give too much away!

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 17.17.53.png

Help with the cleaning – Check(ish)

Well, we don’t technically have a cleaner but with two new additions to our family… Ms dishwasher and baby Roomba – life is just so much easier. Seriously the Roomba is amazing, she comes out at 10am every day, has a little hoover (including under the sofas!!!) and goes back to her dock, We empty her little belly when we get home and take her upstairs to do up there! Genius!

So what about 2018?

This year I have just one resolution – MAKE SHIT HAPPEN! 

Don’t get me wrong, I have goals for 2018 but what 2017 taught me is that only I can make things happen, me, my motivation and my mindset so thats what I’m going to do… Make it happen.

The question is, now that the house is ‘done’, what next…

  • Burrow & Me – My blog and Instagram. I am so passionate about interiors and sharing our home and story with you all so thats what I’m going to do… get off my chuff and write more!
  • Burrow & Me – Shop. Some of you may have seen my half arsed attempt at setting up shop. This year this will become bigger and better. New website and more products, including some created in-house.
  • Photography. I’m so lazy when it comes to photography, snapping away with my phone and using stock images in the shop. Well this changes now. I have zero excuses, I even have a snazzy camera from my Pappa Bear. I just need to learn how to use it!
  • Yoga. I really really enjoy and need yoga in my life, it really is the best thing for your body and mind. Since my yoga teacher passed away a few years ago i’ve gone from class to class looking for ‘inner peace’. This year i’m taking matters into my own hands and setting up at home. I will create a peaceful space and practice yoga once more.
  • Eating better. Do I need to consume less calories? Yes, but is that what this is about? No. I need to eat better, healthier, cleaner just so I don’t feel so sluggish all the damn time. For motivation I need a fully filled engine.
  • Life admin. Ordering a new strap for my bag, keeping on top of the food shop – less waste, being more productive with the washing and ironing, you know the crap I mean. I just need to stop putting things off and stay on top of them!


Ok, before I sign off, I will confess I do also have a list of home jobs I want to do (if you’re reading this Mr. Matt, they are only small I promise) but in the name of posting more, i’ll save these for another day.

Thank you all for being a part of 2017, here’s to 2018…


P.S. If anyone has spotted my Blackberry, thats because it’s the one thing I find most difficult giving up. What can I say, I really like a phone with buttons.

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