Hi. Hi there. Hello.

Well all you really need to know is that my name is Sam. I am a simple creature and a complete home bird with an obsession for all things interior related.

me-2Likes: Pina Colada and getting caught in the rain (who am I kidding, I go frizzy in the rain), Yoga, being a bunny mummy, Mini Eggs, home magazines, home interiors, my home, that yummy feeling, running my two business – Burrow & Me and Burrow & Co, belly laughing, and my family who are my absolute world.

No likey: Getting caught in the rain.

Words are not my forte. I am, by far, a visual being but this is my little pocket of the web where I can channel my obsession and share my stories of building our burrow.

Anything you want to ask just contact me here or find me over on Instagram.


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